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MLA King, Martha. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, APA King, M. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chicago King, Martha. Group identity and cultural practice are understood here as the driving forces behind Amish negotiations with technology. Using healthcare as a lens for understanding this dynamic, this dissertation delineates a pluralistic healthcare system utilized by Amish church districts in the Lancaster, PA area. This research was motivated by two broad questions. How do Lancaster Amish districts shape their use of medical and other technologies? And how does CSC create a biomedical environment where this kind of cultural negotiation can occur?

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A number of conceptual frameworks are put into play here: identity and action in cultural worlds; medical pluralism and health technologies; and processes of embodiment. This dissertation describes ways in which the Amish body mediates the self and the community, intercedes for that community with the outside, and builds the artifacts that populate their cultural worlds. Those bodies are deeply imbedded in what it means to be Amish--from the twisting double helix of a Lancaster Amish genotype to the daily implications of living in closed religious communities. Using qualitative methods, this dissertation adds vital richness to medical anthropology and Amish studies while providing an excellent case for understanding challenges occurring in translational medicine.

Parents: This work has no parents. I enjoy reading what the scribes write. Getting the local edition helps me to keep up with goings on in my favorite place to visit — Holmes County and vicinity. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks and all the best to you in ! Stay well. I enjoy Amish fiction because the stories are wholesome.

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They are interesting because of the Amish friends my brother has here in Ohio. I love all of the Amish novels. Each one is unique. My great grandmother was of Amish descent. It gives me insight into the lifestyle of my ancestors. I also love reading Amish fiction books. These peaceful people really speak to something inside of me.

We have horses and have travelled to town in a horse and buggy several times. It gives me a true feeling for how these people get to the grocery store or other places they need to go. Thank you for writing these wonderful stories. I love Amish books because of the connection to God. I love the Lord very much and in any language it inspires me. Patsy Tapp. I enjoy the pace of the Amish lifestyle. I enjoy the different types of things that they do as life throws them curve balls. I enjoy the different locations the writers use.

My 1 preference for fiction is Amish! I think the reason I love reading Amish books is because they give me an insight on family history. My grandmother was a Miller and her side of the family were Pennsylvania Dutch and I remember hearing family stories. My father was a preacher and we became good friend with the Mennonite community and often joined them for service.

I love to read and usually have 2 or 3 books going at one time. My whole family are avid readers and we all read books by a various Amish writers. When we have a vacation only place we go to is amish country either in ohio or indiana. We love the peace and quite and friendlyness. I would live right in the heart of the amish if we could we would surely be blessed.

I agree with what so many have said. I enjoy reading about the sense of family, the strong faith, the community spirit and even the hard work. I like knowing that the Amish have very real human emotions, that their lives are not always perfect. Please keep writing these wonderful books, they have good life lessons for all of us. I got to make a bucket list trip to Shipshewana, Indiana last fall. It gives me great joy! I have always been fascinated by the Amish and Mennonite community. I guess that is why I love to read books based on the Amish…just like this simplicity of their life, plus they are hard working people.

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I also subscribed to the Budget. I just like to read and see what is happening in their lives. I enjoy reading Amish books because I find the Amish very interesting. Their belief in God helps me in my religion. They are such a strong and caring community. They rarely put themselves first and stop whatever they are doing when someone needs them. Yet, they go through the same things as everobry else, non Amish as well. What I like about reading Amish fiction is that the christian values that the books instill in the reader is a blessing.

The story lines take me into the books and I find myself cheering the characters on or wanting to shake some sense into others. If I was given a choice of books to read it would always be Amish fiction first and Christian fiction second. I love to read about the Amish because each time I immerse myself in their way of life and their commitment to the Lord.

I love their basic way of living. Would love to experience it one day. I love reading the Amish books because they always leave me feeling good and hopeful inside. Even in bad times they all come together helping each other. And the closeness and faith they share also. And they are clean wholesome books.

Sarah's Garden (Patch of Heaven, #1) by Kelly Long

Thanks for your kind words, Linda. No plans to stop as long as health permits and God blesses me with stories and the resources to publish them. The older I get the more complex the world seems to become. Reading about the Amish refreshes my soul and takes me back to a more simple time.

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Having met and befriended two Amish families, Amish fiction gives me an inside peek into their daily lives and answers questions which are too personal to ask. I enjoy reading Amish genre books. They are charming reads and you gain a new perspective about life. God bless. Prayers for your healing and strength as you continue to write amazing books. Thanks for the opportunity to win! We could learn from them…. I have gotten my sister hooked on it as well! I would love to win these books.

I love other cultures and people groups. I love to learn about who they are and what their lives are about. The Amish are right here. I love to peek into their lives. So close yet so far away. Amish fiction brings them closer. I love to read about simple life not littered by social media and the fast paced life in mainstream America.

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Would love to read these books!! I always enjoy reading Amish fiction and I share the books I get with my mother and mother-in-law. They both live in an assisted living care facility. Thank you for using your gift of writing. Thank you for the opportunity to win. God bless you as you share with your readers this next year. I love my Amish books and All the authors that write them.