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  2. Stung by the defeat in Kargil, Pakistan is back to stoking militancy in Kashmir.
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The oil is pumped through pipelines and shipped via the Turkish port Ceyhan on the Mediterranean. Significantly, Ceyhan is located near to the US air base Incirlik. The pipeline project had top-heavy advisors who held extremely senior positions in the government of US. In this scenario, power blocs have emerged with opposing strategies- On the one side is an alliance of US-Turkey-Azerbaijan and, since the Rose Revolution, Georgia, that small but critical country directly on the pipeline route.

Cornell Chronicle

Opposed to it, in terms of where the pipeline route carrying the Caspian oil should go, is Russia, which until held control over the entire Caspian outside the Iran littoral. Today, Russia has cultivated an uneasy but definite alliance with Iran and with Armenia, in opposition to the US group. S has been to bring regime changes friendly to US interests in countries earlier Soviet bloc , which are located in pipeline routes from the Caspian Sea. The scramble for oil by these power blocs would provide flashpoints for conflicts in these regions.

The Western media such as BBC, CNN and other electronic media simplify complex issues pertaining to the present conflict by defining it as big power such as Russia intimidating a small country. What the mainstream media did not report is the extensive involvement of US-NATO in the planning of the military offensive against South Ossetia which is at the cross roads of strategic oil and gas pipeline routes. US has provided extensive military aid to Georgia with transport planes US assisting the redeployment of Georgian forces in Iraq back to the country to fight.

It is also believed that US provided logistical support to Georgia to move 11 tons of military cargo. In the past, Israel has also supplied military equipment to Georgia. This has included remotely piloted planes, rockets, night-vision equipment, other electronic systems, and training by former senior Israeli officers. Turkey and Israel are negotiating the construction of.

Stung by the defeat in Kargil, Pakistan is back to stoking militancy in Kashmir.

Having taken the pipeline to the Mediterranean, Washington has practically set up a new bloc with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Israel. A fact, which would be resisted by Russia, as she perceives the threat of the encirclement of countries friendly to US. This was made amply clear by the sharp violent response to Georgias military attack on South Ossetia.

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Even though cease-fire has been declared between Russia and Georgia, there has been an uneasy peace. Is this a lull before the storm?


Is the recent conflict in the Caucasus a dress rehearsal for the more serious conflicts to break out between US and Russia? With Russia flush with oil money and flexing its nationalist muscles the future holds the fear of a sharpened cold war. A war that we thought lay buried in the memories of history. Realpolitik- Barry Grey and Vladimir Volkov, wsws.

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Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Publications on Aid Accountability by Till Bruckner. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Tbilisicds Georgia. Till Bruckner.

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Scribd Government Docs. Lasha Kavtaradze. Dobos Ovidiu. Daniel Sema. More From sapientpen. Slobodan Milosevic and The Tragedy of Yugoslavia. Anna Crusade: Going beyond the euphoria of revolt. But once the realisation of the extent and intensity of the firing seeped in, Indian forces posted along the border were ordered to respond in kind and an artillery duel raged for the next 24 hours.

Vulnerable Pakistani positions were struck by a counter-bombardment of field guns, heavy mortars, automatic grenade launchers and ZU 23 anti-aircraft cannons. An estimated 15 Pakistani personnel were killed and 45 of their bunkers damaged.

The Russia-Georgia Conflict - Stoking The Embers Of The Cold War

On the Indian side, Major Depinder Buchar was in an open emplacement, of a type required for the use of mm recoil-less rifles, when a Pakistani 37 mm burst raked the position, damaging the gun and killing him and gun-loader Shamsher Singh instantly. It took former ambassador Frank Wisner's considerable diplomatic talents to convince the Indian Government that the US did not see any role for itself in the resolution of the dispute, which it believed could be resolved only by Indians and Pakistanis taking into account "the wishes" of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

But statements by US officials have always had a running subtext indicating their willingness to mediate, "if asked for by both sides". What has caused jitters in Delhi is the increasing frequency of such statements. On August 25, an unnamed US official was quoted by the news agency Reuters as expressing US willingness to mediate and end the border clashes. US State Department officials have since disowned both statements. They claim that the Reuters report emanated from an abbreviated version of the standard response on the subject, while Symons had been plainly "misunderstood".

Since the US does not encourage side trips by visiting leaders during this period, the suggestion was that Gujral and Sharif reschedule their plans to be in New York on September when Clinton would also be there. While Sharif was quick to agree, Gujral at first rejected the offer, but on reflection saw some merit in it.

Privately he expressed the view that India ought not to act so high and mighty "when the US was showing so much consideration". On August 28, on the floor of Parliament, he emphasised that problems with Pakistan would not figure in his proposed talks with Clinton. Pakistan's needs are obvious.