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Construct a business plan. The U. Small Business Administration website can help with developing a basic business plan and provide examples. State your company mission and goals.

Handyman Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Lead Generation Strategies - Marketing ®

Decide on the types of handyman services you will offer, such as plumbing, electrical and exterior services. Provide details related to identifying your target market, such as elderly homeowners and businesses. Include a forecast detailing expected profits, a list of equipment requirements and details regarding financing needs. Secure a vehicle. Use your current vehicle to help defray initial start-up costs.

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Ensure your vehicle will hold all of your equipment, including ladders. Take into account the need to transport large or long items, such as wood planks and plastic pipes. Purchase a new or used vehicle, such as a cargo van or work truck, if your current vehicle does not meet your needs. Locate necessary equipment. Secure equipment necessary for general handyman duties.

Consider tools of various trades, such as plumbing materials, electrical tools and general contractor items. Think beyond the basic, such as wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers, and consider the type of services you will offer when purchasing new tools and equipment. Obtain necessary licenses and business insurance. Check with local and state agencies to obtain necessary licenses.

Professional Handyman Service Business Question Answered With Opener Sales Pitch

Contact your insurance agent to purchase business insurance to protect against damage, injuries and accidents -- on the job and on the road. Advertise your services. Lawn Care. Moving Company. Painting Contractor. Pest Control. Plumbing Contractor. Real Estate. Retail Store.

Roofing Contractor. Self Storage.

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Tree Care Service. Venue Events. Tour Platform. Already have an access code? Tour By Industry.

How to Start a Handyman Service Business

Most handymen or ladies…still using the gender term for now. Maybe that will change soon are really adept at a variety of home repairs, but most have virtually no idea how to market their services. Often the business is small just one person , but they need their marketing structured like any other SMB. Here are the basics of marketing a handyman service, with ideas on how to manage digital media and a few tips that will help you edge out the competition — and maybe even corner the market.

Today, a website is your business card. Professionalism engenders trust.

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Mainly, you want a website that communicates what your services are, displays any deals you have, and makes it easy for people to contact you. It is vitally important that your website be mobile responsive. Expect a majority of traffic to come from people on their phones. You should have your website URL on your business cards, van, t-shirts, hats, and invoices.

Link to it from the local chamber of commerce and other directories. This is your lead-generation launching pad. With a bit of effort, you can outclass your local competition. Today, people looking for a handyman a person they can trust to come into their home check online reviews first thing. This means that having a positive review profile across several of the most popular review websites is essential.

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How do you do this? It starts with your service itself. Home service businesses today need to take on a new mindset. Everything you do, from how you handle initial estimates to how you invoice at the end of the job affects your marketing.

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Obviously, timely, well-done work is mandatory. Make it part of your process. Be sure to monitor your content and complete your profile on all the major review platforms. Use your website content to build trust with testimonials from your best clients. Embed these on your homepage, and have a back-page with more testimonial content. If you can, include an image of the client, which increases credibility.

The term Google Local Service Ads may be new to you. Get ready for it.

This is a change from text-based PPC ads that have been used by services like handymen. The big differences are that Local Service Ads:. These are still in beta in most places for handyman services, but expect to have to make this switch in your area sometime in Right now, take two important steps. First, start getting more reviews on your Google business profile. These are the reviews that show up on the Local Service Ads results.

Next, make sure you can pass the verification process with Google. If you or anyone who works for you has a criminal record, you may not pass the background check. This platform will work well for handyman services because the lead flow should be high quality.

Executive Summary

Get positioned ahead of your competition for maximum advantage. Facebook has several features that are useful for marketing your handyman business. The exposure of your page itself is similar to having a website. Two specific things that happen on Facebook that drive leads are the recommendations feature and Facebook messenger.

When someone is looking for a handyman, they can create a post that is designed to get people to tag businesses in their responses. This is a common way for people to ask for local recommendations. When I make this request, it goes out to my network. People can respond and tag the page of a local handyman they like. Messenger allows leads to send you a text through Facebook. These are usually job inquiries and often hot leads ready to hire.

You can note your response time, but best to try to get back within the hour. Beyond these features, use Facebook to give some personality to your services. Post helpful home care tips, advice on tools and appliances, and updates on your services. As Google Local Service Ads shape up, that will be where you rank at the top of the page for handyman searches. But you can still drive a lot of traffic using SEO techniques, and what you rank for here comes from free clicks.

Optimize your homepage for this term by using it your title tag, description tag, and on-page content including in a header. Optimize each of these pages the way you did the homepage kitchen remodeling Eugene. This way you can rank when people do searches for specific services in your area.