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Fritzi Finds a New Home by Nellie Branan, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

RAL alum Margo and brother Binx who was brought to RAL after being found abandoned paw it forward so that other animals can get the love and care that only RAL can provide in their times of need. Lucy loved the catio at RAL, but she also loves having her own house! She hopes all the cats at RAL can find their furever homes!

Harley came to our family from RAL in June The best animals come through RAL and I am lucky enough to have two at the top of that list My life would be sorely lacking without Suki and Gus, so they are pawing it forward. Flynn was adopted from RAL over five years ago! He is a big brother to another rescue pup and two rescue kitties. RAL does great work and Flynn wants to make sure others have the opportunity to find their forever families just like him!

Paw It Forward

Thank you for everything you do, RAL! I got adopted at 3. I have 3 people at home. I have 3 looking favorite looking windows. Today, October 25 marks 3 years and 3 months in my forever home. I hope the other animals find a forever home and a lucky number. Helping other pets till they find their forever home. Cody is Pawing it Forward to pets in need. And to help RAL to keep doing the awesome job they are doing to help the dogs and cats of Richmond. Major : I'm pawing it forward because I can! Shay wants other pets to find their forever homes too. Juniper is so thankful for his family, cuddles, and adventures, and he wants all the other animals to get a nice home too.

Eli is grateful that RAL stepped up and helped his rescue Mom save him from a kill shelter. He hope all animals will get happy ending like he did. Sammy is grateful for being rescued by RAL. He wishes the best for other pets! Sadie and Veda are pawing it forward! Girlie is pawing it forward because RAL went above and beyond for her when she was a disabled puppy.

She is thriving now and enjoying life with the Roberts family and her big brother Charlie Sheba was returned 3 times before finder her forever home with us. Piper, Cricket, Simon, and River have all found their forever homes, and want to do their part to help other animals find theirs too!

Fritzi Huber - New Elements Gallery

I Patrick have really blossomed over the last 10 months. I'm a happy, loving boy now who knows this is my forever home. I want other dogs and cats to have the same opportunity to find their families. Skip is pawing it forward! Gertie says she is happy in her new home and wants to help others. We love our Ace boy and want others to find love like he did. Willa Jane Heath. Rescued from RAL in January So loved!!!!!!! Artemis is pawing it forward!

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Emma : I would like to paw it forward because I was once a resident of RAL and I would like to help other residents to find their forever home too. My name is Zeke and I was very scared when I first arrived at the shelter. Everyone there was really nice and worked hard to make me comfortable. Sadly, I kept getting overlooked by adopters and was there several months. I then developed a skin issue and started losing fur. The people at the shelter took great care of me and found me a foster home. I decided my foster home was the perfect place for me and, luckily, my foster mom agreed.

My fur grew back and I am happy and healthy. I am pawing it forward for all the special kitties who are scared to be in the shelter and get overlooked at first by adopters. I want them to know if they are patient the right person will come along to give them the perfect home. In the meantime, everyone at the shelter will take good care of them and give them lots and lots of love.

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Molly and Milo are pawing it forward! Rowan is pawing it forward so all of his friends at RAL can have the best possible chance of finding a loving family! Baby Ruth came to us from RAL and she so filled our lives with love. All kitties, and even big slobbery dogs, should be in warm safe homes with plenty of food, pats and rubs, and lots of love. He is also a rescue. They are the best of friends and bring us so much joy. Saoirse and Rhys are pawing it forward.

Lili is pawing it forward. Harley is pawing it forward. Huckleberry is pawing it forward. Thanks to the delightful Harry P. It's so heartwarming to see the hundreds and hundreds of animals getting the care and forever homes they deserve because of this organization! Eva and her family were later used as bait to catch the entire family with the help of a Dutch nurse and a hospitable family that turned out to be Nazi agents.

At first they were sent to the Dutch deportation central Westerbork and later by train to the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Eva avoided the gas chamber and overcame hunger and disease. But the Nazis got to the year-old girl by other means. She ended up learning a lot about human nature and grew up fast.

When I was led away from the train station in Auschwitz, I was separated from my brother and father and I left behind the girl Eva and her dreams. The Nazis established six camps solely for the purpose of extinguishing the Jews. Auschwitz was the largest and most famous of them. It opened in and was closed when the Russians liberated its prisoners on 27 January The rest, i.

There was a complex of shanty towns, including Birkenau. The first time Jews were gassed at the camp was on 12 May Almost 1.

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It was a beautiful and warm Spring day when Eva first encountered the death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. The ground around her was arid and dry. There were no flowers or trees. There was no life. The number of times when Eva and Fritzi could have died and the circumstances that helped them avoid it, is beyond belief.

But experiences like these change people, also for the good.

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PDF Fritzi Finds a New Home

The first time was when they arrived at the death central in the grey, smelly Polish marshlands, where Auschwitz was situated. Eva refused to wear it as it was boiling hot in the Polish Spring sun, but her mother insisted on it. She avoided the queue with the elderly and children under 15, who automatically were sent into death.

But at this point they still did not know about their faith. And soon after the first selection, death was again breathing them in the neck. Can you smell the crematorium? In there, at this very moment, your families are being gassed. At the same time I was scared. We believed we would all be killed, right there. My mother held me tightly. But no gas was released from the showers. Instead water was coming out. Her mom focused on those inserts as a specific hope for better times after the shower. Eva forgot the inserts in the shower and her mom very mad at her.

Later they were given wrong-sized boots and those inserts would not have made any difference, anyway.

MAUR film - Fritzi – a revolutionary tale

It was amazing to see. Some people gave in and did not survive. But she became a better person. One of the strongest memories from that time is her last meeting with her father after a long and unpredictable separation in the camp.