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  1. The Rocky Road to Sainthood
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  3. Mother Teresa to become a saint on Sunday « Why Evolution Is True
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  • A Song for Charlie Redbird.
  • Two miracles must be attributed to someone in order for them to become a saint.;
  • April 28th – Feast of the Beatification?
  • You Cant Say That!: The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws.
  • The Rocky Road to Sainthood - The Atlantic;

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The Rocky Road to Sainthood

New York State. Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Political Science. Urban Studies. Labor Studies. Middle East Studies. Battlegrounds: Cornell Studies in Military History. Cornell Studies in Security Affairs. Cornell Series in Environmental Education. The Liberty Hyde Bailey Library. Expertise: Cultures and Technologies of Knowledge. The greatest procedural aim of modern secular civilization is to minimize suffering through laws and engineering controls and yet the Catholic Church honors suffering above all.

The bafflement of medical professionals as to just what happened is a crucial element in the plot. It seems like the only miracles these days involve medical cures. What happened to stopping the sun, raising the dead, slaughtering your enemies? I wonder about all those people and organisations incl churches who prayed for money and received it.

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Yes, the question is purely rhetorical. I know the answer.

I wonder why someone would pray to a saint, instead of praying directly to the all-powerful big guy. And if saints can do miracles, why do they only perform two, and then stop until they are sanctified? Or in this case, a not-Saint. For being able to believe that he is qualified for sainthood.

Beatified is fine, but we are holding out for full canonization. I have faith that the problem is that too few people are praying to Steno for divine intervention. Perhaps readers can help spread the word?? He came up with three principles of relative dating, and he presented conclusive evidence that fossils were remains of once living things, as opposed to having formed in ways perhaps analogous to crystals.

Mother Teresa to become a saint on Sunday « Why Evolution Is True

He also realized that comparable angles on minerals crystals were always the same. Alas, late in his life he went from Protestant to Catholic and became very devout. He became an archbishop and denied himself so many mortal pleasures e. I remember enjoying a book about Steno titled: The Seashell on the Mountaintop. It also went into his remarkable anatomy skills. Steno looks like a good patron saint for geologists. Until his sainthood is finalized, you can use the generic patron saint of scientists, namely, Doubting Thomas Newman was an Anglican who pressed for the CofE to return to its Catholic roots.

When it showed no signs of doing so he became a Catholic himself. No wonder the RCC is so fond of him: if he can do it, why not the rest of the apostates?

Data Protection Choices

Dream on! There is another wrinkle to his story. Go figure. Best keep them far apart, away from temptation. My morning coffee is a goddamn miracle, save my day! Wikipedia: The United States imports more coffee than any other nation. CC needs to ditch the church and open coffee shops. Trump will be in line for this saint business very soon. The wall is almost finished and it was all accomplished with talk. Yes, our Gas-lighter in-chief has made a wall with words. Yes, it looks like the bill to do what we are suppose to do with no need for a bill is going to be signed.

So no 2nd shut down. However, it looks like the chief clown is going to call an emergency and attempt to get money for his wall. This will not work and he will be stopped in the courts on this. You only get to declare an emergency when there is one. Otherwise Article one says the congress handles the money, not the executive. I think of her every time someone mentions Cardinal Newman. As a one-time Catholic, I had no idea Catholics prayed to either Priests or Cardinals who were not already canonized. I wonder what Sophisticated Theologians make of this?

Did a metaphorical dead clergyman metaphorically heal someone? The woman was very, very far from a Saint, either religious or colloquial.

Represented the Devil pro bono , too. I suppose the technical point is, not whether she was a nice person, but whether she performed the necessary two miracles. I suppose one could canonise Vlad the Impaler if he had been proved with due evidence to, say, levitate people onto his stakes and turn their blood into wine on two different occasions…. A parallel is to all those non-democracies that have fake elections.


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