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Wright and Marvel are also paring down the hero's involvement in the Avengers despite fans clamoring for his inclusion in the first movie , and will not have Pym interacting with the rest of the Marvel universe. What it sounds like we're left with at the moment is a baggage-less Pym, and breathing room for Wright to play with Pym's storyline. But scrubbing away Pym's past, while convenient, also does a disservice to comic readers — and, more importantly, to the subject of domestic abuse.

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Pym's abuse could engender an important conversation about violence against women. Pym has defenders sort of , even more opponents, but also a lot of people just asking why —sparking debates about the portrayal of other superheroes who have hit their significant others see: Peter Parker ; Reed Richards.

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To my mind, spousal abuse is just something too real to live down and chalk up to fiction. That capability is always there, and it can become unlocked once more if the right kind of stress and pressure are applied. Because of that, the character of Hank Pym is irreparably broken. Comic books are at their best when they provoke serious conversation. The X-Men have continually been a means for writers to talk about AIDS, race, and homosexuality, just as Wonder Woman is a way to talk about feminism and Batman about law, order and society. Pym's attack on his wife, intentional or not, is in this same vein.

And while scrubbing this ugly part of Pym's history could make it easier for Wright to give us a more enjoyable movie we want, it could also rob us of the movie we need. This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Alexander Abad-Santos is a former writer for The Wire. Twitter Email. Scott's job?

Books by Philip Begho

Well, he needs to break out his cat burglar skills once again and steal the invention. But the corporate security measures surrounding this miracle substance and device are far too tight for any full-sized man to sneak through. Scott will have to use Dr. Pym's particle phenomenon himself in order to keep anyone else from using it.

He'll have to take a small role in a larger play, you might say, turning himself into Ant-Man in order to do the itty-bitty, teeny tiny job of … saving the world. Accepting the blessings of second chances and doing whatever it takes to love and care for your family are the overarching themes here. Scott is motivated to follow through on the difficulties of his Ant-Man tasks—involving repeated injuries and potentially his death—by his deep love for his daughter.

She, in turn, has nothing but total adoration for her dad, despite his past wrongdoings. In fact, Scott's ex-wife encourages him to "just be the person that she already thinks you are. Pym continues those through-lines by telling Scott that he believes "every man deserves a shot at redemption," and that their actions aren't about "saving our world, but about saving theirs. In fact, Dr. Pym has some past pain of his own from which he desperately wants to protect his adult daughter, Hope. Those include the fact that the girl's mother sacrificed her life, while in miniature form, to stop a deadly nuclear threat.

When Hope gets frustrated with her dad for not letting her take on the role and danger of the Ant-Man mission, Scott explains, "I'm expendable, That's why I'm here. He'd rather lose this fight than lose you. Hope shows some cleavage. She and Scott kiss. Scott's former cellmate and friend, Luis, mentions the "first boobs" he ever touched.

Even the bravest parents feel timid about discussing sex with their 8- to year-olds! This resource offers reassuring, humorous, real-life anecdotes along with reliable information to help you with this challenging task. At one point this movie humorously points to just how small all the action is by swooping the camera back out of a heated battle scene so we can see how minimal the damage is in our much bigger world.

Still, there's quite a lot of hard-thumping bash and bam on hand as the tiny Ant-Man punches full-sized men including a second-tier Avenger with a super-strong wallop. With his shirt off at one point, we see that Scott has sustained bruises and a nasty looking gash. Hand-to-hand combat is punctuated with gunfire.

Someone shoots at a miniaturized Scott, hitting a "pet" flying ant that's underneath him. A villain in a "Yellowjacket" battle suit blazes away with lasers that rip up scenery, threaten a child and kill at least one man piloting a helicopter. An empty building is blown up. Darren Cross uses an unperfected Pym Particle sprayer to kill a man, reducing him to a small goopy blob of tissue. And he does that to a cute and cuddly looking lamb as well.

How to get rid of ants when they won't eat the bait traps

Pym is shot at close range. In a massive malfunction, a man is violently shrunk—piece by piece and limb by limb—until he blinks out of sight. Four s-words and one use of "b--ch" join seven or eight each of "a--," "d--n" and "h Hope says she gave Luis and his friends "half a Xanax" each to calm them down. We see them sleeping. A number of people, in both a bar and a private setting, drink beer and wine. Cross celebrates a corporate breakthrough with a glass of champagne. Scott has a beer.

Though we never see anyone actually use a needle or injection device, it's implied that the Pym Particle substance is injected into people via the Ant-Man and Yellowjacket suits. Luis and his "crew" are more than happy to venture into criminal activities if the opportunity arises.

Kids and Parents Round 3! Ethan and Cole Wild Nerf Battle.

And they escape any repercussions after smashing up police vehicles, among other things. Someone praises Scott's past crimes, saying his actions were admirable. This twelfth entry in the modern series of Marvel Universe movies feels a bit, uh, smaller less groundbreaking than the others. But as Ant-Man will tell ya, sometimes smaller is better. There's not quite as much superhero bombast to sit through, and definitely a whole lot less city shredding and people-pulverizing going on in this wee-fella-in-a-supersuit flick.

The HO-scale pow-zap doesn't even really get rolling until the latter parts of the film. And that leaves some comfortable room between the movie-beat atoms to slip in extra helpings of humor and heart.

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In fact, it's the film's sizeable share of guy-struggling-to-be-a-hero-for-his-daughter emotion that makes this pic so easy to identify with, turning it into something just a bit bigger than yet another chew-the-scenery actioner. Into a superhero movie for the average little guy. And the spoilers? They're not plot twists.

The Resisters

They're some bad-guy raging, man-and-beast bio-blobbing … and a quantity of bad words that should have been dosed with some of that Pym Particle shrinking stuff before Marvel shot this thing out into the big wide world. Peyton Reed. Bob Hoose. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online.

Watch This Review. We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. Movie Review Scott Lang has created a series of oversized problems for himself. Unfortunately, a prison record and a solid job don't automatically go hand in hand.

By shrinking Scott himself. Positive Elements Accepting the blessings of second chances and doing whatever it takes to love and care for your family are the overarching themes here. Spiritual Content A corporate baddie named Darren Cross references his "morning meditations. Sexual Content Hope shows some cleavage. Recommended Resource. Buy Now.